LATEST NEWS ON GRIPS FROM AERO Aero Bowls Z Scoop® and D Scoop® are both registered designs.
The Z Scoop® is a grip so advanced that Grant Heron the CEO of Taylor Bowls admitted in a recent affidavit stated that he does not have the machinery to make such grip.
In Aero’s opinion, this is why Taylor Bowls then chose to copy the much more simple D Scoop®, a grip that is not in the same class as the Z Scoop® grip.
Taylors’ copy of our D Scoop® called the Half Pipe is a shallower grip with dimples. They claim one can go up a size because the bowl will feel smaller.
Alex Marshall MBE and Kelvin Kerkow OAM absolutely do NOT agree that it is a good idea to go up a full size…and here is why.
The world’s best players think it is crazy to jump a full size simply because a manufacturer claims that the bowl will feel smaller in the hand. While it may feel slightly smaller, the bowl in going up a full size will be a lot heavier in the hand and that is going to be uncomfortable and difficult to hold.

This is why Aero Bowls make full and half sizes…Taylor do not. With Aero the HALF SIZE increase makes a lot of sense. One will hardly notice the weight increase by going up a half size and the comfort in the hand will assist delivery. The proof is clear as virtually every sale is exactly that…a half size up.

HOWEVER … the Z Scoop is much more than “going up a size grip”
The Z SCOOP® the world’s biggest selling new grip has features no other grip can match. The Z Scoop grip is masterful engineering…
  • It is designed to allow the bowler to hold any size more securely in all conditions
  • The Z Scoop® grip guides the hand to hold the bowl correctly
  • The Z Scoop® aligns the bowl perfectly with the target line
  • The Z Scoop® assists in delivering with the minimum of wobble
  • The Z Scoop® is a deeper grip with a definite reference for one’s fingers.
  • The Z Scoop® is cleverly designed so that water runs off it
It is worth noting the D Scoop®, the grip Taylor have copied is by far our least popular grip.

When Aero developed the Z Scoop® grip, millions of dollars were spent on research and development to ensure that when the weight is removed by making the Scoop®, that the bias of the bowl would not be changed. Using AERO’S advanced engineering methods we were able to machine the bowl back to its original bias. Thus a Z Scoop® model is exactly the same as any other Aero Bowl of the same model with a different grip. We are the only manufacturer who guarantees this.

Ask Taylor Bowls if they provide such assurances and guarantees. The Taylor “Half Pipe” maybe good for plumbing but it’s usefulness on the green is extremely limited.

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We guarantee your set is perfectly matched and every set of that model has the same line. This precision is made possible due to Aero Precision Technology; every bowl is made to an accuracy of 1/10000 mm. All processes are fully approved by World Bowls Ltd. Our designs and manufacturing techniques carry numerous patents. We guarantee that your set complies with the master bowl minimum bias provided to us by World Bowls Ltd.

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We offer a 15 year manufacturing defect from the date stamp on your set which covers manufacturing defects. Please note the guarantee does not cover wear and tear, fading, scratches, pit marks, chips, removal of paint caused by stickers or otherwise. 
All Aero Bowls are made from solid melamine and are coloured all the way through. We suggest polishing your set with a cloth and a non-abrasive polish will keep your set looking good for years. We recommend Monkey Grip which has been tried and tested on all bowls.

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Hi Walter, Thanks for the advice. I have now bought a set of Optima’s with the Z scoop. First results with the new bowls are very promising. In particular, I seem to be getting much more accuracy of line which I put down to the Z scoop. I never paid much attention to finger placement on a bowl before but I now suspect that some of my wilder bowls were the result of a misplaced finger giving a flick to the bowl on delivery which affected its trajectory. The Z scoop makes it very easy to put the middle finger dead centre on the bowl with the two adjoining fingers sitting in the scoop on each side. The thumb and little finger can then just rest on each side of the bowl. Apart from helping with line, I think this also helps with weight control as the Optima now sits more comfortably on the fingers rather than being gripped too tightly as tends to happen when the bowl is further back in the palm.

Graeme Cox