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Hi Walter, Thanks for the advice. I have now bought a set of Optima’s with the Z scoop. First results with the new bowls are very promising. In particular, I seem to be getting much more accuracy of line which I put down to the Z scoop. I never paid much attention to finger placement on a bowl before but I now suspect that some of my wilder bowls were the result of a misplaced finger giving a flick to the bowl on delivery which affected its trajectory. The Z scoop makes it very easy to put the middle finger dead centre on the bowl with the two adjoining fingers sitting in the scoop on each side. The thumb and little finger can then just rest on each side of the bowl. Apart from helping with line, I think this also helps with weight control as the Optima now sits more comfortably on the fingers rather than being gripped too tightly as tends to happen when the bowl is further back in the palm.

Graeme Cox

Hi Alan I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new bowls. I also wanted tell you that the bowls shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever known. I tell everyone about them. I have also referred several people to come down to your shop to buy dynamics. I know you will look after them. Would you please let Walter know how appreciative I am for all he has given me. Have a lovely Christmas. .

Brenda Thompson

I have to say my experience with Evolve has been great. Somehow or other the draw seems to get me close most of the time. I won a game 36/13 today and could not do a thing wrong. I am very happy also helps to have size 2 instead of size 3. I have recommended Evolve to Frank Spanyik from our club at Chatswood.It is the nice gentle turn/draw that seems to find the jack as a natural target, Cheers!

Phil Slade