Warranty Info

AeroBowls Guarantee

From May 1st 2020 on all BOWLS produced from this date we offer a 5 year Manufactures Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Aero are the premium brand of bowls worldwide. They are used by the very best in the world. Kelvin Kerkow, Alex Marshall, Paul Foster, Karen Murphy to name but a few. They are manufactured in Australia to the very highest standards in a robotic factory and to stress  the quality here is a direct quote from Alex Marshall  ”they are by far the best bowls I have ever used and Z Scoop grip is far above any other grip on the market”

We have had a very small number of bowls where ‘cracking’ has occurred and would like to explain this in more detail.

Aero from a purely technical standpoint think it is important to clearly define the difference between the 'cracking ' which as a result of the structural failure of the material a bowl is made from that will lead to a bowl breaking into one or more pieces and the surface cracking which does not penetrate significantly into the bowl, does not affect the bowls performance and only having a minor visual effect on the bowl. This is generally not a factory fault.

Cracking from a structural defect can occur for a number of reasons associated with the manufacture of the bowl. This type of crack is clearly visible and could be a ½ to 1mm wide.

A surface crack is substantially smaller in width.

Previously we have seen bowls split in half which is a structural defect caused by :-

a) Poor moulding or insufficient heat applied during moulding resulting in an internal void in the bowl   which leads to structural failure.

This has never occurred with an Aero Bowl to our knowledge.

b) The presence of a foreign object in the granules that are used for moulding.

c) Incorrect resin used in the production of the granules.

All these we would class as manufacturing/material defects and are covered by our guarantee with  immediate replacement for any Aero Bowl up to 10 years old.


Surface cracking occurs due to ‘accidental’ damage or possible ‘accidental’ product misuse'. This would include:-

a) Thermal shock, where the bowl has repeatedly undergone thermal cycling, i.e. high temperatures then rapid cooling on multiple occasions.

This could occur by leaving the bowls in the boot(trunk) of a car or in a van or leaving outside in very hot sunlight then placing them in an air conditioned vehicle when temperatures rapidly drop….or being taken inside where air-conditioning rapidly cools the bowls.

b) Exposure to excessively high temperatures….In Australia towns such as Mildura, Broken Hill, Alice Springs as examples, in USA in Arizona and other very hot areas and in South Africa in the Northern areas where temperatures range at night from 12 deg to 35 deg or more during the day and very low humidity.

c) Misuse, where the bowl has been dropped onto a hard surface by accident.

d) Accidental damage, when a bowl shows surface cracking due to repeated use on a green where the ditch was not properly maintained and numerous nails protruded out of the carpet or rubber lining or the ditch has sharp badly finished plinths.

Over a number of years of 'driving' and the bowl contacting the protruding nail or badly maintained ditches the bowl may eventually show signs of surface cracking

In these instances, Aero will not initially replace a set, however, we will look  at each individual case on a case by case basis.  Aero aim to give 100% customer satisfaction.

We would point that the material we use is the same as all bowls manufacturers use….and we do know factually that all manufacturers bowls may suffer the same issues.