AeroBowls Testimonials

"I discovered Aero Bowls just over three years ago when I first started playing bowls. Since then I have bought from them a set of their bowls, one of their bags, a pair of their shoes, their waterproof jacket, one of their fleeces and one of their shirts. Everything I have bought is top quality and has obviously been designed and produced with the practical needs of the bowler first and foremost in mind.

The bowls with the Z-Scoop grip give the bowler confidence from the moment they have them in their hand. The shoes are extremely comfortable and very well made, as are all the clothing items which also look and feel very smart. Aero Bowls is my one-stop-shop for any bowling product I need."

Alistair Jackson


"We have now had four deliveries from AeroBowls, three lots of bowls and one of shoes. On all occasions, the delivery has been right on the allocated time as stated by email. Impressive procedure, not hanging about waiting for which I thank you.

We are delighted with our new GrooVe bowls and cant wait to get back outdoors to use them. Added to this your speedy attention to orders and delightful telephone calls are most welcome.

Thank you AeroBowls"

John and Terri Ward


From Brenda Thompson a current Australian Champion

Ï just wanted to let you know how much I love my new bowls..Dynamics.I also wanted to tell you that the bowls shoe are the most comfortable shoes I have ever known.I tell eveyone about them.I have also referred several people to come down to your shop at Mermaid BC to buy bowls..I know you will look after them.

Would you please let Walter know how happy I am to be with Aero.

Have a lovely Chrismas

Brenda Thompson.



" Just to say thank you so much for those bowls. I'm a 63 year old lady who thinks she's 33 but age does tell at times. I'm in three finals on Sunday at my club and I have to say the bowls must gave something to do with it! I love them"

Caroline Wilson, Dorset


"So lovely to see you again at Leamington. Have today won the Novices singles at Thatcham Bowls club and am in the final of men’s four wood pairs tomorrow. Thanks for all your help and guidance. AeroBowls have transformed my game"

Jim Wilshire, Kent


"I started bowling 2 months ago and was hooked instantly. After researching online, I knew Aero was the bowl for me. I’m improving every time I play as I am finding my line much better than before as I’m now only aiming half way up the green in comparison to before where I was trying to predict where the bowl would turn 2/3rd's of the way"

Raphael Horowitz, North London


"Aero Bowls offer great customer service and a wide choice of colours, grips and trajectories. You can even add your own personalised logo. Very highly recommended by a winner of over 180 bowling trophies."

John Noble


"Thank you for the awesome service the bowls were delivered 10 mins ago! Very happy, love the colour -- now have to do them Justice! Thank you for enclosing Rolled Gold it will be a great read especially Part 2. “Kelvin’s Coaching Clinic” We have nothing but great admiration for Kelvin and have been a fan of his for many years . Thank you once again for your great customer service ! Now looking forward to playing the State Carnival with my new set of OPTIMA !! ."

Pat Light, Port Macquarie


"Thank you so much. The Womens Nirvana shoes are fantastic, fit is perfect. I am over the moon, they are so light and comfy. Thank you for the wonderful service."

Wendy Suttie, New Zealand


"Hi Alan I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new bowls. I also wanted tell you that the bowls shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever known. I tell everyone about them. I have also referred several people to come down to your shop to buy dynamics. I know you will look after them. Would you please let Walter know how appreciative I am for all he has given me. Have a lovely Christmas."

Brenda Thompson, Australia


"I have to say my experience with Evolve has been great. Somehow or other the draw seems to get me close most of the time. I won a game 36/13 today and could not do a thing wrong. I am very happy also helps to have size 2 instead of size 3. I have recommended Evolve to Frank Spanyik from our club at Chatswood.It is the nice gentle turn/draw that seems to find the jack as a natural target, Cheers!"

Phil Slade, Australia