Shoe Information

Aero Comfitpro Shoe Collection

The Aero Shoe collection is the most comfortable range of shoes ever made for Bowls...perfect off the green as well as on.

We have been perfecting our shoes over the past 14 years listening to what bowlers required in a bowls shoe.

Aero-Comfitpro Bowls Shoes

Are purpose made using a specially selected high density rubber sole to absorb shock and cushion the entire foot. The shoes provides outstanding mid-sole and heel support using a specially selected heel counter.

We designed an extremely flexible front section to make bending easier to assist the delivery of a bowl.

The expensive and shaped EVA inner sole provides support throughout the shoe. (EVA inner soles are only to be found on the most expensive of trainers). EVA inner sole does not absorb sweat, reducing odour.

The stability designed into the back half of the shoe provides the lateral support for the long hours spent standing on the green.

All our shoes can be cleaned and are breathable.

  • 3-piece outer sole for outstanding mid-sole and heel support as well as comfort
  • Extremely flexible front section to make delivering a bowl easier
  • EVA inner sole does not absorb sweat, reducing odour
  • All our shoes come with two different colour sets of laces
  • Sprint shoes have a high quality easy clean finish and extra tough mesh

Designed for Bowlers

Aero shoes are breathable and water resistant, purpose made for the rigours of bowls. They are designed to support you for the long hours spent standing on the green.


Over 130,000 Pairs Sold Worldwide!

Aero-Comfitpro continue to innovate and improve shoes using the latest technology. The utmost care is given to make shoes that look and feel great

Hand Made

Aero hand made shoes provide extreme comfort because of the design of the upper section and make up of our exclusive 3 piece outer sole (three differing materials make up our outsole). The material used in the front section allows increased flexibility for easy bending when delivering. The rear section material was chosen to provide firm support under the heel. This area is particularly well padded and a specially designed heel counter keeps you comfortable for the long hours spent standing. HAND MADE to our specification in an ISO 9000 factory in China