Meet the Team

Ellen Falkner

CEO AeroBowls UK

Hi. I’m Ellen and I have been running Aero UK since April 2014. I was attracted to the role as I love bowls and hope that as a company through our passion to grow the game, we can make a difference.

On the bowls side, I’m no stranger to competition, having been fortunate and privileged to represent England on the world stage since 2002. Career highlights include three Commonwealth Gold medals, two outdoor world titles, and becoming the Potters World Ladies Matchplay champion three times. One of my happiest memories was making history through winning the national and British Isles triples with my mum and nan.

All our of team here at Aero UK are bowlers. We are therefore able to give you expert advice and guidance and help you to make the best choice of bowls for you. I firmly believe that we have something for everyone here at Aero.

Alex Marshall MBE

Sales Manager

Hi. I’m Alex and I joined Aero in February 2015.  I’ve 20 world titles and four Commonwealth gold medals to my name, but am still as hungry as ever to win more.

Having worked in the bowls industry for over 20 years, I have been staggered by the time and funds invested by Aero to make the worlds most accurate bowls. The sophisticated machinery that we have means that we can give guarantees that others can’t.

If your club is interested in holding an Aero demo day then please get in contact.

Chris Falkner

Operations Manager

Hi. I’m Chris. I work in the Aero office and am most likely who you will speak to on the phone. I’ve played bowls for over 20 years, and have won both national and british isles indoor titles. On a day to day basis, I run the office and warehouse at Aero UK HQ  and in my spare time play a bit of golf as well as bowls. And yes in case you are wondering by the name, I am Ellen’s husband, but probably better known as Ellen’s bloke!

Jamie Chestney

Sales Executive

Hi. I’m Jamie and I joined Aero in November 2015. I am a Commonwealth Games silver medallist and since changing to Aero I have made my way into the World Bowls Tour top 16. I am used to spending time with bowlers and bowls clubs after working for the Bowls Development Alliance and am very keen to develop the sport and encourage more people to play and help those who currently play to get better. If you need any advice on what bowl is right for you then please get in contact .