Demo Days Aus

Book a Demo Day, Information & Coaching Day with a Champion or an Aero Factory Tour

Your chance to try the AeroBowls Range, see the unique true arc trajectory, experience the same line every time™ as well as try the Z Scoop® Grip!

It’s also a great opportunity to raise the profile of your club and combine with a Club Open day.

"At an Aero Demo Day your members will meet either myself, Kelvin Kerkow or Aron Sherriff."

Ellen Falkner

Upcoming Demo Days

Please note the venues below to see when the Aero Demo Day will be taking place and which member of Team Aero will be attending. If you require further information then please call our Australian Aero office on 1300 13 25 75 / +61 2 8362 1700 or email

Cobram BC, Vic 3644 - Fri 29th Aug - 14:00 - Barrie Lester

East Shepperton BC, Vic 3631 - Fri 1st Sept - 13:00 - Barrie Lester

Kingsbury BC, Vic 3038 - Fri 8th Sept - 16:00 - Barrie Lester

Colac City BC, Vic 3250 - Tues 12th Sept - 11:00am - Barrie Lester

Mortlake BC, Vic 3272 - Tues 12th Sept - 15:30 - Barrie Lester

Portland BC, Vic 3305 - Weds 13th Sept - 10:00am - Barrie Lester

Warrnambool BC, Vic 3280 - Weds 13th Sept - 14:30 - Barrie Lester

Angelsea BC, Vic 3230 - Thurs 14th Sept - 10:00am - Barrie Lester

Mount Martha BC, Vic 3934 - Fri 15th Sept - 14:00 - Barrie Lester

Mornington Civic BC, Vic 3931 - Mon 18th Sept - 14:00 - Barrie Lester

Mayborough Highland Society, Vic 3465 - 1pm - Fri 18th August - Barrie Lester

Werribee BC, Vic 3030 - Tues 19th Sept - 16:00 - Barrie Lester

The Hoppers Club, Vic 3029 - Weds 20th Sept - 16:00 - Barrie Lester

Gisborne BC, Vic 3437 - Thurs 21st Sept - 14:00hrs - Barrie Lester

Wallan BC, Vic 3756 - Fri 22nd Sept - 14:00 - Barrie Lester

Parkdale BC, Vic 3195 - Sun 24th Sept - 10:30am - Barrie Lester

Dandenong BC, Vic 3175 - Fri 29th Sept - 14:00 - Barrie Lester

Aero Factory Tour

Visit our Aero Factory at Rockdale, Sydney and see first hand how Aero Bowls are made and why Aero can guarantee that all their bowls have the same line every time™ and that every set in every model is the same.

Request a Demo Day or Factory Tour

Alternatively if there isn't a Aero Demo Day organised near you, and there is interest in AeroBowls at your club, then please complete the form below.

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