Australian Models

  • Mid-line trajectory between an Optima and a Dynamic
  • Wider Z Scoop Grip suits every size of hands for extra comfort
  • Very Stable in windy / blustery conditions

Choose this bowl if...

  • You prefer a bowl that is not too wide or not too tight.
  • You want a bowl that holds its line for ‘ON’ Shots.
  • You want a versatile bowl that can play on any surface faster than 13 seconds.

Now used by Kelvin Kerkow OAM

  • Mid-line trajectory approximately 15cm to 30cm more grass than a TurboPro
  • Recommended for good quality greens (artificial or grass) 14 seconds or more
  • Very stable in the wind and exceptional hold on the up shot
  • Accurate drawshot ability…will go around or under any bowl and most importantly the Dynamic will hold its line consistently to the jack

Choose this bowl if...

  • Your greens are good quality and faster than 14 seconds.
  • You want a bowl with obvious hold on the up shot.
  • You want a bowl that is neither tight nor wide, but genuinely midline.

Extensively used by Kelvin Kerkow OAM and Julie Keegan.

  • Around 15 to 30cm wider than a Dynamic but by no means a wide bowl, the line is just outside of the mid-line Dynamic
  • Suitable for all green surfaces, grass or artificial faster than 12 seconds
  • Very stable in the wind and exceptional hold on the up shot
  • Accurate on the draw shot and a tad more forgiving than the Dynamic, the Optima will bend around any bowl and will also hold its line consistently to the jack

Choose this bowl if...

  • You prefer a slightly wider line over a Dynamic.
  • The majority of greens you play on would be classed as slow to medium pace.
  • You are looking for a bowl that has obvious hold on the up shot.

With an Optima you’ll be in good company with Brett Wilkie, Karen Murphy and Aron Sherriff.

Aero Speciality Bowls

Aero Bowls make perfectly matched sets of every model in their range. Holding the line in wind is now legendary thanks to Aero’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process making them the worlds’ most accurately manufactured bowls.

Choose the all new Z Scoop® grip for a truly unbeatable bowl.

  • Is wider than an Optima by approximately 10 to 20cm
  • The main feature of this bowl is it turns approximately 1.5 metres past the centre line giving more hold to the target to compensate for the extra draw
  • Excellent in windy conditions with very accurate hold on the up shot while being totally predictable on the draw

Choose this bowl if...

  • You prefer a wider turning bowl.
  • You are looking for a more forgiving bowl.
  • The greens you generally play on run around the 15 second mark or less and are not perfect.

The Defiance is used by Alex Marshall MBE, Chris Green and Aero founder Walter Jacobs who holds an Australian Title.

  • Wider than a Defiance by 15 to 30cm
  • Specialist wide drawing bowl
  • Designed for greens less than 13 seconds
  • Outstanding hold on the upshot

Choose this bowl if...

  • You play on very slow and difficult greens.
  • You are looking for a second set to give you that edge.
  • You need a bowl that takes extra grass.

Note: The Space has the same midpoint trajectory as any other Aero model.

Turbo Pro
  • Suitable on any green or artificial green
  • Noticeably tighter than a Dynamic
  • For greens quicker than a genuine 16 seconds
  • Cannot be used effectively on slower greens
  • Outstanding hold on the up shot with minimum weight

Choose this bowl if...

  • You prefer a narrow bias and your greens run at 16 seconds + and are wind protected at all times.

Please note this bowl requires better than average weight control and grassing.

International Models

Aero Models for the UK, South Africa, Canada/USA and most Asian countries.

All models feature the very important Aero trait of exceptional hold on the upshot. All models turn approximately between the mat and your target on the draw. No Aero bowls has the infuriating hook that loses shots.

Aero Bowls are precision made and are unlike all other brands. Aero offer the bowler the correct choice of bowls models for varying conditions.

  • An Aero bowl that is the best seller in Australia and New Zealand. The Optima in the above countries can only be used on Indoor surfaces… cannot be used outdoors in the countries mentioned above. Indoor greens need to run at 15 seconds or more measured over a distance of 90 feet. Anything less and the turn will not suit the majority of bowlers.
  • This a model designed for both front end and back players who play on indoor greens that run faster than 15 seconds.
  • The Quantum has a wider trajectory than the Defiance and is suitable for bowlers that prefer taking some grass on Indoor rinks thus allowing a comfortable turn for going around bowls.
  • The Quantum cannot be satisfactorily used on grass greens in the countries shown. A full range of sizes are available all with the registered design Z Scoop Grip.
  • A very versatile model and the most popular amongst bowlers in the above countries.
  • Eminently suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor greens running 10 seconds or more.
  • Suitable for all positions whether it be in Pairs, Triples, Fours or Singles.
  • The Groove is Alex Marshall’s first choice. Available in all sizes,half sizes and grips including the Z Scoop our most popular grip.
  • This model is designed for front end players and Indoor Greens that run faster than 15 seconds.
  • As with all Aero models it has a mid turn trajectory allowing for very accurate results.
  • The Defiance cannot be used satisfactorily on outdoor greens that run less than 12 seconds which are those typically found in the countries listed. The Defiance is available in all sizes and all grips.
  • Designed specifically for grass greens at the beginning of the outdoor bowling season when they are particularly slow.
  • The Sonic is a wide bowl for grass and is not suitable for Indoor Greens.
  • This model can be the second model in ones armoury of two sets for grass greens. Available in all sizes and grips.