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Aero Accessories
Monkey Grip

A carnauba based wax that shines, cleans and gives one a phenomenal grip in wet or dry conditions. Grippier and lasts longer than competing tubed products. Tens of thousands sold.

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ComfitPro Bowls Dri

A unique blend of materials make this the only true Bowls Dri. Dries your bowls in seconds and leaves a grip. Colours subject to availability.

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Aero Pro grip
Aero Pro Grip

Made in the USA and used by professional sports people in Golf and Tennis. Simply touch the cloth and you'll feel the stickiness on your fingers which will give you extra confidence and enhance your grip. The more times you touch it, the stickier your hand becomes.

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Aero Jack Mats
Aero Jack & Mats

Precision jacks and high quality non slip rubber mats. Aero mats will not slip on grass or carpet and are used at the Bowls England National Championships, all Bowls Australia and PBA events.

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Two Bowl Carrier

High quality registered design made in 800 denier rip stop material.

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Starlet Bowls Handbag

The bag has 6 compartments for your purse, measure, sunglasses, mobile phone etc, as well as having a zipped compartment on the outside. It can be carried over the shoulder or hand held.

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